eCommerce FAQs

Q. I already have a domain name, can I use this domain?

A. Yes. The domain name can be easily redirected to our servers at no extra cost, just let us know when placing an order.

Q. Do you receive a percentage of the stores' revenue?

A. No, all proceeds generated by the site are paid to you via your chosen payment provider.

Q. How do I accept payments?

A. The site can accept payments via many payment providers, please contact us for a full list.

Q. Can I sell anything on this site?

A. You can use the site to sell any almost any product you wish. The only requirement is that it cannot be used to sell illegal items, such as pirate software/music etc or products that are otherwise illegal in any way.

Q. Do you supply the products for sale on the site?

A. Sorry, no. It will be your responsibility to stock all items, any products shown on our demo sites are for illustration purposes only.

Q. Are my customer's payment details kept secure?

A. All payments on the website are handled by secure payment providers such as PayPal. No card details should ever be recorded on the site, so your customers can shop with peace of mind.

Q. Can I add or edit the content from my iPad/Tablet?

A. Yes, the admin panel is accessible across multiple devices and platforms.

Q. Do the sites come with a designed logo?

A. Only where explicitly stated, otherwise any logos, banners or images can be easily uploaded via the included admin panel.

Q. Will the site work on mobiles and tablets?

A. Yes, the design is responsive and optimised to work across different platforms on different screens from a smartphone to a 56 inch TV!

Q. Can you make alterations to the site in the future, if needed?

A. Yes, we'd be happy to provide quotations for any modifications, designs and logos etc that are needed in the future.

Q. Can I add my own advertising banners?

A. Yes, there is an easy to use admin panel, which allows you to add banners in various sections of the site.

Q. How long will it take for my site to be active?

A. As soon as we receive your order, we will contact you to request details and your specific requirements. The site normally takes 24-48 hours before being fully accessible and functional.